Our solar lighting systems ignite poverty reduction and transform communities.
We bring light to health centers, schools, churches and families in remote areas of the world that are often left in the dark.

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The Lighting Power is a resource and supplier for ministries and organizations interested in reducing poverty through solar power and lighting in developing countries.

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Together, we can impact entire communities by providing solar power and lighting solutions for health centers, schools, churches, and families, bringing light and hope to the people we serve.

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Our products are chosen based on the demonstrated needs of the areas we serve and include small, portable solutions as well as complete AC power systems for large facility applications.

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  About Us  

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The Lighting Power works diligently to shine God's light, our light, and the light of people impacted by poverty throughout the world. We believe that no one should be left in the dark.

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“Can you imagine living without electricity at all, working, studying, cooking in the dark...It is not easy, no matter how hard you try it is not easy. You always need light, one that cannot hurt you. By giving these people this light we are giving them a new beginning for their lives. We are improving the way they see things and the way they live their lives.”

– Betsy Castillo, Panama

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